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Online Craps: Skill or Chance

Craps is one of those online casino games where it can be difficult to tell whether or not it is a game of chance or a game of skill. Many online craps players would argue that in order to be good at craps it requires a level of skill. The way the dice have been thrown and also the direction of the throw is instrumental. However others would argue that the game is just down to pure chance.

throwing diceMany craps players who argue that it is pure luck do admit that certain throws can be useful to the outcome and also to the player, although they say that the way in which the dice are thrown is a factor to consider when judging the success of the throw. Experienced crap players see this as not enough substance or leverage over beginners to the game of craps.

Additionally, there are certain craps players who believe it is down to skill and not luck. They believe that when the dice have been thrown in a certain way at a certain angle that it enables them to win. This is one of the many superstitions of the game of craps as players believe the game is involves something 'supernatural' and implies either you have the skill or you are playing based on chance.

Regardless of this, craps is a fun casino game to play, whether you believe the game is down to skill or chance.