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Hedge Bets

diceA craps hedge bet is performed when betting is split into two smaller bets to help minimise the chances of losing. Although hedging is not an ideal method it can be used in order to help you gain smaller prizes and also stay longer in the competition. In order to place a hedge bet in a game of craps you will need to first put a pass line bet, for example £10, and then after that make a £2 bet on any craps. Once the bet is placed and the shooter throws 2-3 or 12, then unfortunately you would lose your £10 pass line bet but win £14 for the craps bet you have placed. But say for instance the player selected as the shooter throws other numbers then the £2 any bet would have been lost.

When playing craps, hedge bets are not a bad option to use especially if you would like to limit your losses. So understanding how to make them effectively is important as you begin learning online craps skills.