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The Popularity of Craps

People who are involved in a game of craps may not be aware of the history of the game that they are playing. It may be interesting to know that you are playing one of the oldest casino games around. However, all that is due to the fact that craps is becoming more popular.

diceCraps players enjoy the casino game because it is not a game that requires any particular amount of skill. It is a game which is loosely based on chance, and no amount of skill can assist you. The casino game is known to be quite relaxed, free and easy going and this is the reason it draws many players.

The casino game has established itself as one of the most played casino games alongside the likes of blackjack and roulette. You will find the range of bets that can be placed makes the online games enticing as well as competitive. Once you have learnt the basic rules to craps it quickly becomes fun and interesting.

Since the development of the Internet this has enabled casinos to set up online sites which connect craps players from around the world. This means that you can now play craps online from home which is convenient as a lot of people do not live near a land-based casino. Furthermore, playing craps online means you do not need to worry about the cost of transport!