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Proposal Bets in Craps

Single-roll bets

You will find that craps comes with a host of bets geared to help give you a better chance of winning. This would include single-roll bets in which you place a bet based on the outcome of one dice roll by the shooter. These will include the following:

  • 12 or 2 known as a hi-lo bet where the player selected as the shooter wins if these numbers are rolled.
  • The shooter would win if they rolled an 11 which is also referred to as Yo.
  • If the shooter rolls a 12 they would be declared as winners. This roll is often known as midnight, boxcars or cornrows.
  • You are able to win if the shooter rolls a 7. This bet is often known as big red due to the fact the seven’s betting space is typically large and red.

diceAnother single-roll bet that can be used is the 'whirl' or 'world' bet which is a five-unit  bet which consist of both 'horn' and any-seven bet. The idea is that if the seven is rolled then the bet is a push. This is because the winning gained from getting the seven is lost on the horn portions of the bet.


Horn bet

This is where you place a bet on numbers 3, 11, 2 and 12 in which the bet is split 4 ways. For instance if you decide to place a bet of £24 this will be equally divided into £6 for each number. Once the dice have been rolled and the numbers as stated earlier appear, below is the pay out ratio and house advantage percentage:

  • 12 or 2 pays 30:1 with the house advantage at 11.11%
  • 11 or 3 pays 15:1 with the house advantage at 13.89%

Hops bet

When hops betting you are trying to predict two numbers which could be pairing for instance 4 (2, 2) or two different numbers will be rolled next. The two numbers you would have selected pay out 15:1 with the house advantage standing at 11.11%. If you bet on doubles being rolled next then this pays 30:1 with the house advantage at 13.89%.


This form of craps betting is where you place bets on 10 (double 5), 4 (double 2), 6 (double 3) and 8 (double 4). In order to win you will need to double whatever you bet on will appear before a seven or the number comes up in as a  pairs i.e. 1-5 or 2-4 instead of double six. The odds of this taking into account the house advantage is as follows:

  • 10 (5 + 5) – 7:1 – 11.1 %
  • 8 (4 + 4) – 9:1 – 9.09%
  • 6 (3 + 3) – 9:1 – 9.09%  
  • 4 (2 + 2) – 9:1 - 11.1 %

As you have been reading, both proposition and one roll bets are not the smartest way to play craps. If you are looking to implement these bets then try it out first in a practice online craps game to see if it can transfer to a real game when losing money is at stake.